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Our feet are subject to enormous forces every day. Whether we are walking, jogging, or at work, our feet get us safely through the day.

Orthopedic insoles by Perpedes - made of high-quality, innovative glass/carbon fiber composite materials developed in-house - provide support and relief for various foot conditions and are a prerequisite for healthy walking.

We have the right model for every foot condition. Perpedes has the right solution for every foot.

Supporting insoles

Our supporting insole blanks take pressure off the feet and have a positive impact on  gait pattern and posture.

The self-supporting, semi-rigid shells are made of thermoplastic fiber composite material and can easily be custom molded to the foot.

Accommodative insoles

Our accommodating insole blanks provide maximum loading area, hence protection and relief to particuarly sensitive areas of the foot, and stabilize the joints.

They are made of an elastic foam material that absorbs the impact of each heel strike, distributes pressure evenly and reduces stress on the plantar foot.

Heel cupped insoles

Our heel cupped insole blanks feature raised side flanges to stabilize the foot and are ideally suited for the correction of misalignments.

They have a particularly supporting shell made of thermoplastic fiber composite material that can easily be custom molded to the foot.

Composite fiber shells

Our insole blanks with composite fiber shells help to maintain the foot in the correct position thanks to strategically placed raised flanges that prevent the foot from returning to the original malposition under strain.

They have a particularly rigid shell made of thermoplastic fiber composite material that can easily be custom molded to the foot.

Sensomotoric insoles

Our TONUSCONTROL sensomotoric insole blanks influence the perception of the body posture by stimulating the sensory receptors for joint position, muscle tension and movement.

The aim is to dynamically influence the movements and posture instead of just statically supporting the foot.

Shoe stiffeners

Our shoe stiffeners are made of high-quality glass/carbon fiber composite materials  materials that are easy to thermally mold, grind and bond.